My Wife second time

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
My Wife second time

My wife met James at a local /swinger/swingers-club/">swingers club a while back and has really turned into a sex machine!! I have never had so much sex since we have been married. My wife is now wearing the tightest jeans that I have ever seen and her camel toe is huge!! I think that is due to bokep sma pecah perawan her new found friend.

My wife asked me if it was o.k. for her to keep seeing James. I told her to do whatever she wanted as long as I got to watch and hear all of the details!! I love it that my wife has James to fuck her because he loosens her up with his /cock/huge-cock/">huge cock. My wife was a little /scared/">scared to take it all in their first encounters, but now she can handle all of his rock hard, /cock/thick-cock/">thick cock all night long.

The other night my wife got ready to go with James for the weekend. She packed a few things and left. She was gone about four days and when she came home she immediatedly told me she was exhauted. I told her I wanted to know everything. I puleed her back to our bedroom and and took off my shorts. My wife stroked my cock and told me that as soon as her and James got to the hotel, James pulled out his thick piece of manhood and shoved his huge cock down my /sweet/">sweet wife;s throat. Se said she gagged a little at first, but she got used to his cock again. james kept teasing her by pulling his cock out and rubbing it on my wife pouting lips.

My wife said she could not handle being teased like this so she caressed his gold ball sized balls and took his entire piece of manhood. James immediately started jerking and shot his thick, creamy load of jizz into my wife mouth and down her throat. My wife said that there was a knock on the door and james asked her to get the door. My wife opened the door and there stood five huge black men in front of her. My wife let them in and these men nearly jumped out of their clothes and into the bed with my wife. My old waman xxxgx wife looked at all of their cock and could not believe how well /hung/">hung they all were.

Everyone of them had atleast a 15 inch cock. My wife laid between all of them on the bed and that's when my wife said the fun really began. My wife said that for the firt time she had cocks all over her. She had a cock in her camel toe, one in her ass, two in her mouth and one in each of her hands. The men all fucked her mouth, /pussy/ass-pussy/pussy-and-ass/">pussy and ass all night long. One black stud would empty his load inside of my wife and and another would take his place. My wife sucked so much cock that she said she was /drunk/cum-drunk/">cum drunk!!! Everyone of the men came in her ass, mouth, camel toe and all over her body!! I immediately wanted to feel her camel toe. It was so loose and I loved it. I could feel their cum still deep inside of my wife's sweet, innocent pussy.

She felt so wet and loose that I wanted my load of thick, creamy jizz inside of her camel toe also!! While I was fucking her she kept telling me how well hung all of the men were, but she preferred James because he was the biggest. I shot my load and quickly pulled out and shoved my cock into my wifes mouth!! She sucked it like a pro and licked and suck on my cockhead until I shot another load of spunk into her waiting mouth. My wife was moaning and whispered to me that she would loved to be eaten. I looked down at her camel toe and licked and sucked on her /pussy/sweet-pussy/sweet-pussy-lips/">sweet pussy lips and clit.

She tasted so good and sweet. My wife started bucking and shot cum all over my face. After my wife had shot her load we lad there and in each others arms. I asked her when she was planning to go out again and my wife told my whenever I wanted her to. I told my wife would tonight be too soon!! My wife told me that she would be more than happy to go out again and get cock from several different men.

We then fell asleep and I anticipated my wife going out again after she had only been home for a couple of hours!!! I will let you all know how her next date turns out or should I say how much jizz she can handle!!!