Hidden Part One The Diner

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Hidden Part One The Diner

I wasnt sure how i arrived in the diner... i remember gunshots, lots of blood, but not much after that. I think i remember being in a plane... but someone had sabotoged the fuel line... it went down, i got the last parachute, the pilot died. I landed in a field, a guy from witness protection found me, shoved me into a SUV... that is when i met Sara.

Sara was beautiful, Six /feet/">feet tall even with flowing black hair. That night she had been called away from a wedding-not hers- and was wearing a short black dress. It was cold, the middle of december, and I could see the tips of her nipples through the top of her dress. She introduced herself as Officer Sara Gale, an ironic name i thought gazing at the chilly wind blowing through the outside of the black SUV. It was the only way i could keep my muind off her body. I was still confused as to my situation, the only thing i knew was I had wittnessed a murder, and now the people that did it were after me.

As we rode off into the night, Sara began to explain the rules, I could never see anyone from my past ever again. This infuriated me, how could i leave my parrents, my /friend/best-friend/">best friend, my /girlfriend/">girlfriend all behind? Girlfriend... wait... a flash of memory shot through my head... no girlfriend, she was dead... it was her i saw murdered only hours earlier. I began to sob and scream, i tried to open the door of the car but was restrained by a large man dressed in a suit who was seated behind me. When i wouldnt stop struggleing he knocked me out.

The next thing I saw was flouresent lights, i was seated in a booth. There was a piece of cherry pie in front of me. I was not hungry. Sara was seated next to me, two armed men in indian santali xvideo suits sat across from us... i was trapped. Sara had changed, she now wore a mini skirt and black top. I gave her a quizical look, she laughed and said "its all i had in the car." Apparently she hadnt found a bra. I turned back to my pie... i was afraid, i wanted to be away from these people, from the entire situation. I planed my escape... the two men across the table had been throwing back cokes for the last ten minutes, any minute now the would have go to to the bathroom. I would then make my escape.

It happened like clockwork, they stood up and walked to the mens room, i was sitting on the outside so it would be easy for me to get out. I inched away from the booth, but sara was there she grabed my sholders and pulled me back to the booth. I struggled with her, she had me by the sholdes and i tried to break her hold. She threw herself forward and placed all of her weight on my legs, alain lyle porn i couldnt move. I tried to push her back, but couldnt find a grip, my hands slipped down her back and my fingers slid under the waist of her skirt. I felt the soft curve of her ass under my hand, the crack under my palm.

Sara was shocked, she didnt know what to do, my other hand was placed right on the flesh of her back, as she turned over to look at me my hand was left on her stomach while the other hand was forced out of her skirt. She lunged backward trying to get back up, but my hand slid up her stomach and she left me palming her left breast. Her nipple felt hard in my hand and again she looked shocked.

Now i didnt know what to do i was left there resting my hand on her breasts, my mouth hanging open, i was suddenly turned on. Sara bit her bottom lip, trying to hide her enjoyment. I squeezed her breast a few times and she smiled. All thoughts of gettin away from the situation were gone, the diner was pretty much empty and i was ready to try anything. I let my right hand go up her shirt, but she remvoved her shirt before my hand could even reach her breasts.

I looked down at her pink nipples staring up at me, sara lied down and i began to suck on her nipples, she moaned a little and shut her eyes. I contenued to suck feeling her /nipples/hard-nipples/">hard nipples grase against my teeth... i leaned up ready to go at the next breast... i leaned down wet my lips and...

I BLACKED OUT i was hit in the back of the head... next thing i new I was in the center of a deserted room...

To be continued...